Are Producers Music Demi-gods?

Are Producers Music Demi-gods?| Jazzsymphonic Podcast Episode 1 with Joe Mutoria |

I have always been so comfortable sitting behind a keyboard and typing out my thoughts and opinions about music. This year, I pushed myself out of the comfort zone and decided to explore more on music. However, this time I opted to do a podcast. Yes, a podcast. Let’s just say, I had let fear get the best of me. I always had excuses as to why I shouldn’t start a podcast.

On this first episode, I was nervous and shaky. I had thoroughly prepared but when I got to project my voice onto the mic, everything disappeared. I am taking these sessions on my podcast as a learning curve to do more. It is my wish that people get to enjoy good music and listen to conversations with awesome people.

In addition, I got to chat with Joe Mutoria. A musician extraordinaire. He is a dope composer, pianist, arranger and a producer. We speak about his musical experiences. How he began his music venture. Joe notes that music in Kenya has been made to look like a competition, some musicians always try to outshine each other to get all the likes. He acknowledges that probably that’s how musicians have failed to define a Kenyan sound. He adds on to say that, musicians should always learn to work together and collaborate.

Joe is such a free-spirited guy, you will feel his personality on this podcast when he does his piano solo. It is sweet and mellow, sounds nothing like a show-off but, a person sharing a bit of his heart to the masses expecting nothing in return.

You can listen to our chat via sound and enjoy the music featured.


Featured Music

1. Everything is Fine – June Gachui
2. Mr Masekela – Nairobi Horns Project
3. Walking Down Jinja Road – Brian Mugenyi
4. Elusive baby – Prisca Ojwang
5. Ngoma – James Gogo and Gogosimo Band
6. This is for you – Christine Kamau
7. Java Love – Tha Movement
8. Phantom of Splendour – Jacob Asiyo


Note: Music shared on this podcast has been authorised and consented for use by the artists. I am grateful to all the artists for allowing me to feature their music on my podcast. God bless you all in your music venture.

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