Tribute to Zach Amunga: An exceptional stealth Jazz pianist in Kenya

As a musician or a creative person, it is very easy to feel defined by what we do. At times I wonder, what do we [Read More…]

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Jazz in Kenya: A beginner’s guide to artists you need to hear

Interesting jazz artists in Kenya who have stretched and personalized modern jazz conventions, dictating new terms without discarding the old.

Artist Spotlight

Matteo Di Leonardo: Tapping into new rhythms and grooves!

“Kenya is an inspiring country filled with good vibrations” Guitarist Matteo Di Leonardo is a virtuoso on guitar with a uniquely soft and luxurious sound [Read More…]


Kenyans to pay tribute to Hugh Masekela

Celebrating Hugh Masekela written by Mackinlay Mutsembi. Legacies fascinate me. Legends even more. I did not grow up listening to Hugh Masekela, but I was [Read More…]