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Jazz in Kenya: A beginner’s guide to artists you need to hear

Interesting jazz artists in Kenya who have stretched and personalized modern jazz conventions, dictating new terms without discarding the old.

Artist Spotlight Jazz Spotlight

In Pictures: Celebrating our Kenyan Jazz cats

As April get underway, it goes without saying, Happy Jazz Appreciation Jazz Month to you! It is yet another year we take time to celebrate [Read More…]

Events Review

Review: Women in Music Forum, February Edition

The Goethe institute was the place to be for an intimate evening of amazing music curated by women. Women in music Forum is aimed at [Read More…]

Classical Music Jazz Spotlight Review

Savouring the Italian Jazz flavor: An evening with Giampaolo Nuti and Francesco D’Orazio

This was the precursor to the most anticipated jazz music event of the year, the Safaricom International Jazz festival. Slated to take the stage were [Read More…]