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Herbie Tsoaeli Spiritual Dialogues: At This Point in Time

Bra Herbie is a key figure within the South African scene. Bassist, Composer, and Arranger, Herbie Tsoaeli is the 2013 Best Jazz Album South African [Read More…]

FEATURED Jazz Opinions

Jazz in Kenya: A beginner’s guide to artists you need to hear

Interesting jazz artists in Kenya who have stretched and personalized modern jazz conventions, dictating new terms without discarding the old.


Makande; Juma Tutu’s ode to his hometown

Music collaborations are usually a spectacular way to meld two genres or two fans bases to yield incredible results. Earlier this year, I did a [Read More…]

Events Review

Musical Collaborations take over at the Safaricom International Jazz Day Celebrations 2018

I will say this with all honesty; there is nothing as beautiful as music crafted by musicians and the audience can resonate  and connect with. [Read More…]