Classical Music Events

Nairobi Music Society and Nairobi Orchestra Love; Liberty concert in Nairobi

The Nairobi Music society and Nairobi Orchestra showcased an exhilarating concert on the 30th April and 1st May at the Kenya theatre. The concert was [Read More…]

Artist Spotlight

Ngewa: Kasiva Mutua rhythmical tales on percussion

Ta! Ta! Ta! Tata! Tatatata! Praaaaaakaaadum! With every tap of the beat on the drum, it is an invitation, to a marvelous journey. The sounds [Read More…]


Beneath the Baobabs Live: A Kenyan live music experience in Kilifi

Swoosh! The magical sandy beaches and majestic weather of the coast beckon. Set your calendars for a glorious time of great and electrifying music for [Read More…]

Artist Spotlight FEATURED

Herbie Tsoaeli Spiritual Dialogues: At This Point in Time

Bra Herbie is a key figure within the South African scene. Bassist, Composer, and Arranger, Herbie Tsoaeli is the 2013 Best Jazz Album South African [Read More…]


Geco Café: Slithering with good vibes in Nairobi

Breakfast at Geco Café along Mbaazi Avenue, It feels like the right place to be. Being on-trend in the restaurant business isn’t difficult, sniff the [Read More…]

Artist Spotlight Events FEATURED

WYNTON MARSALIS interactive session with Kenyan artists: Mythology of Jazz, improvisation and creativity

Wynton Marsalis, an American Jazz Legend; composer, bandleader, trumpeter and nine-time Grammy Award winner, is internationally renowned for his ingenuity and instrumental virtuosity. He is [Read More…]

Classical Music FEATURED

A Kenyan Opera: Nyanga The Runaway Grandmother

Nostalgia of all kinds played a part at the live showcase of Nyanga: Runaway Grandmother in Nairobi, Kenya. From 6th – 8th November 2020, audiences witnessed Extracts from Nyanga: Runaway [Read More…]