Jazz Spotlight Review

Nairobi Horns Project: Exhilarating Kenyan Jazz Ensemble

  I found out about the Nairobi Horns Project through stalking one of their members… I was so intrigued by videos MacKinlay Mutsembi used to [Read More…]

Events Review

#KorogaFestival: The special Jazz edition

On the 8th of May, Mother’s day, the Koroga festival organizers, gave us a helluva of an experience for their 12th edition. The lineup for [Read More…]

Events Jazz Spotlight Review

The 3rd Safaricom International Jazz festival | by Kuchio Asonga

The Safaricom international Jazz festival held on 21st February 2016 was a treat for the young and old as well. I went to the event [Read More…]